Bringing the
human element back
into market research

Cashew is optimizing market research technology to be mutually beneficial for the researcher and the participant.

Setting a new standard for gathering user insights.

Cashew uses a best in class mobile app to reach users that want to participate in market research studies, and a self-serve portal for researchers to make it happen.

Surveys you actually want to take

Made for your phone

earn some cash while you're on the way to do your thing

Selected for you

no more "sorry, you don't meet our criteria"

Easy to take, fun to look at

have you seen Charlie?

No hassle payouts

Cash + You! It's simple

What We're All About

Putting the
user first

We think understanding your audience should be the first step for any project. Cashew is smart about making that process quick and easy. 

We've been in
your shoes

Our technology is designed to solve real problems we had in our everyday lives as researchers and users. We’re not wasting your time, Cashew was designed to fill a gap we’ve experienced ourselves.

that digital can
still feel human

In the midst of a packed calendar and quick deadlines, we sometimes forget that designing for your customers means talking with actual humans. Cashew is built the way it is to remind you of that.