Why give your
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We want you to use your brain when you take Cashew surveys, so we pay 5X higher than the industry standard.

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The money you make from surveys will accumulate in your Cashew wallet. Your funds will get deposited directly into your account via Interac e-Transfer, so you don't feel guilty when you buy your next oat milk latte or fitness class.

to you

When you start using Cashew, we ask you some key questions about yourself to make sure you get surveys you will actually qualify for. Over time, we'll get to know you better, and send you surveys you'll like the most.

for privacy

At Cashew we take your privacy very seriously. We won’t ask for things like your name or address. That’s your business, we’re more interested in your feedback and ideas.

Your digital footprint matters and we will never sell or profit from your personal information.

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